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Holistic Nutrition

What is Holistic Nutrition?

The main role of a Holistic Nutritionist is one of education. Holistic Nutritionists take relevant, up-to-date nutrition information and make it accessible & actionable. Holistic Nutritionists provide the necessary strategies to seamlessly implement healthy habits into day-to-day life while addressing the root causes of symptoms. They seek to empower others to become advocates for their own health and healing.

Through the review of an individual’s health history and results from a diet & lifestyle questionnaire, Holistic Nutritionists provide personalized wellness plans complete with dietary, lifestyle and natural supplement recommendations. They also provide customized meal plans and ongoing coaching & support to ensure clients can meet their personal health & wellness goals.

A Holistic Nutritionist can be an integral member of your health care team! Holistic Nutritionists often work in conjunction with other health practitioners such as family doctors, naturopathic doctors, osteopaths, physiotherapists, athletic therapists, chiropractors and acupuncturists to provide well-rounded care and support.

INITIAL CONSULTATION: $225.00 – Package includes initial consultation. This will follow with a full summary of Dietary/Lifestyle/ Supplement Recommendations + 1 follow up appointment.

OR 3 months Functional Nutrition Package – $480.00 or 3 monthly payments of $160.00 – Package includes initial consultations + 3 follow-up appointments biweekly. Plus email access for 1:1 support.

FOLLOW – UP: $75.00

Note: If you have an extended health benefits account, you may be eligible to use R.H.N services. Please check with your service provider.

Holistic Nutrition

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holistic nutrition

“I understand and acknowledge that the services provided are at all times restricted to consultation on the subject of health matters intended for general well-being and are not meant for the purposes of medical diagnosis, treatment or prescribing of medicine for any disease, or any licensed or controlled act which may constitute the practice of medicine.”

3 benefits of working with a Holistic Nutrition are as follows:

Upgrading any nutritional lifestyle can often feel daunting and or impossible to many. Especially if you have been scoring the internet looking for the perfect plan or diet lifestyle, or if you are dealing with specific health conditions and issues.

Whether you are looking to improve your overall health, shed those unwanted pandemic pounds or manage an autoimmune dis-ease, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) can help you reach the goals and results you want. Choosing a nutritionist to work with you has a myriad of benefits, but there are three that stand out:

#1 – Your own personal cheerleader.

Making changes can be hard! Dietary lifestyles are no different. As you move through your journey having an outside voice, ear and insight can be one of the best parts of working someone. Holistic Nutritionists support you along the entire process, provide high fives and encouragement BUT also are able to make suggestions and or recommendations on the fly when things may not be going the way originally intended.

#2 – No cookie cutter or fad diets.

You are unique, as should your dietary lifestyle. A Holistic Nutritionist will help you design a plan that works for you. With expertise in different lifestyles AND understanding nutrition for the human body, they help you with it all. If you are managing chronic illness or if you are wanting to shed some unwanted weight (or gain weight), following a fad diet likely is not the best approach, and a Nutritionist can help you determine what personal lifestyle is best for optimal health.

#3 – Objective point of view.

A nutritionist has been trained to evaluate your entire life: from dietary lifestyle, exercise, current health issues or concerns, symptoms, sleep, nutritional requirements along with other important factors and combine them with your goals for a comprehensive and objective recommendation.

A Registered Holistic Nutritionist emphasizes whole, minimally processed foods that support health and well-being. Understanding what is best for you based on science, current lifestyle and goals is like putting together a puzzle which is exactly where a nutrition professional can help you.

Book your time with our Registered Holistic Nutritionist Karri-Anne and begin your journey to optimal health!


Learn about Nutrition

The Nutrition coaching experience is based on your story. Each personalized journey is built on an understanding of your history and how to keep it from repeating itself.

Leadership, education, accountability and guidance creates an environment of trust, opportunity and change. We take the time to understand a full background on any conditions and health issues that you have encountered in order to recognize patterns, manage priorities, and create your program.

You’ll get a coach and a mentor all in one who will help you with:

  1. Nutrition and food education
  2. Nutritional healing for autoimmune/inflammatory diseases
  3. Diet strategies that work for you goals and your lifestyleIdentifying sources of stress and how to manage these appropriately
  4. Strategies to improve fitness and incorporate more enjoyable movement day-to-day
  5. Sleep habits and recovery strategies
  6. Encouragement and accountability while you engrain the habits to change your life
  7. Living your true purpose

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