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The Revitapen is a noninvasive tool that enhances product absorption to create visable and instant results. Utilizing a unique sphere-shaped tip on a pen-like device that rapidly pulsates to create micro-channels driving Osmosis active ingredients deep into the skin for optimal restoration and rejuvenation. This treatment will help increase collagen production and circulation in the skin, increases cell turnover, increases hydration of the skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots. It will visibly improve texture of skin and diminish scar tissue, and reduces blemishes and inflammation.

The treatment does not hurt, it may feel like a slight stinging. The Revitapen can be adjusted if you are finding it too uncomfortable. After the treatment, there may be a bit of redness due to increased circulation but will not last long. Days 1-4 after a treatment the skin will be tighter, firmer, plumper and will look radiant. It may feel dry as the stratum corneum experiences a gentle exfoliation. Days 5-7 more specific results of the facial will be seen during this time. Skin will be firmer, more evenly toned and noticeable positive results. Best results are obtained when Osmosis home products are used on a daily basis.

Facial Treatment (approximately 30-45 mins): $130

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Dronyk Health Clinic is thrilled to now offer Holistic Nutrition services with R.N.H Karri-Anne

Karri-Anne works closely with our practitioners and clients in order to provide a customized Holistic Nutrition Program that will reduce inflammation, improve digestion & gut health, and increase blood flow, ultimately allowing our clients to drastically improve their overall health, feel less pain and stiffness, and experience faster healing and recovery.

The food you eat is either feeding the disease, or helping you heal. Let Karri-Anne help you understand which foods, combinations, and timing are best for you and your healing journey.