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Total Body Modification

Total Body Modification

Total Body Modification is a technique used to find the organ or area of the body that is stressed, determine the cause of the stress, and then correct the problem by restoring balance to the nervous system and therefore one’s health and well-being.  This is done through applied kinesiology by using muscle testing.

Picture your body as a computer screen.  Areas of the touch screen (your body) are touched and a scan is run to see whether that body system is functioning properly (done with a muscle test).  If the body part shows up that a correction is needed, this is done by stimulating the autonomic nervous system, often through gentle spinal adjustments.  For more of an explanation and demonstration, please see the following videos.

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Dronyk Health Clinic is thrilled to now offer Holistic Nutrition services with R.N.H Karri-Anne

Karri-Anne works closely with our practitioners and clients in order to provide a customized Holistic Nutrition Program that will reduce inflammation, improve digestion & gut health, and increase blood flow, ultimately allowing our clients to drastically improve their overall health, feel less pain and stiffness, and experience faster healing and recovery.

The food you eat is either feeding the disease, or helping you heal. Let Karri-Anne help you understand which foods, combinations, and timing are best for you and your healing journey.