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Qi Beauty

Qi Beauty

Qi translated into English reads, “vital life force”. In Chinese Philosophy, Qi is the force that creates and unites all elements in the universe. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qi also known as Chi consists of two branches. One branch represents the physical and wholesome part of Qi that is formed by food, water, and the air we receive. The second branch of Qi represents the intangible energy and fluids that exist within us.

Lack of harmony in the two branches results in a majority of emotional, physical, and mental afflictions in humans. The balance of Qi is essential in maintaining good health because deficiency or excess may result in the surfacing of illness. Diagnosing and curing the imbalances of Qi is the primary motive of various methods in traditional Chinese Medicine, such as acupuncture and Chinese herbs.

Qi deficiency may result from the absence of sufficient sleep, fresh air, water, food, shelter and everything essential for the body to survive. It can also be led by insufficient social interaction, affection, and mental stimulation. Excess symptoms can occur from the intake of environmental toxins, such as polluted water or air, and overeating, excessive physical activity, negative emotions, and stress.

This natural skin rejuvenation technique was developed in Australia, and due to its popularity and effectiveness, it is now being practiced globally. 1000 gold-plated magnets are used in each facial that is placed based on acupuncture meridians and individualized to your features.

No needles required, no bruising or redness occur, receiving a facial is a time to relax and feel good that you are improving your health. You will see softening of lines, a brighter complexion, improvement in skin elasticity and volume. The magnets work by creating a Static Magnetic Field that works to re-energize cells and promote movement of fluids, which results in detoxification and regeneration.

Basically, aging is the process of energy loss…Qi Beauty is the process of energy renewal. Home kits are available and recommended to maintain the results obtained in the facial. If you are looking for a natural approach to lasting skin repair, consider Qi Beauty!

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