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Revitapen – Micro-Needling Without the Needles

If you are interested in micro-needling but have a fear of needles, you’ll be happy to know that there is a new tool that can give you the same amazing results without the use of needles. The RevitaPen uses disposable metalheads that have tiny, sphere-shaped tips that rapidly push into the skin instead of piercing it. Once the tips are pushed into the patient’s skin, microchannels are created, which allows active ingredients to reach deeper areas of the skin and produce better results. Since the ingredients are able to penetrate more deeply, the results will be far more visible and the facial will be a lot more effective.

RevitaPen can be used to minimize large pores, reduce acne scars and the effects of sun damage and to prevent signs of aging. It can be used on its own or as part of another treatment. Either way, you will see a noticeable improvement in your skin. For optimal results, it is important to have a clean face beforehand as this tool will push active ingredients in your skin, and is best if dirt, bacteria, debris are not pushed in as well.

A fresh and disposable head is always attached to the RevitaPen, which can be adjusted in terms of the level of depth and speed after it has been turned on. This helps the patient feel more comfortable and the levels will depend on the health of the patient’s skin. Throughout the facial, emphasis will be placed on problem areas and the pen will be moved in small crosshatch patterns across the skin. RevitaPen can be used around the eyes and on the lips as well. A major benefit to the RevitaPen and there is no downtime after a treatment. You may experience mild stinging or temporary redness once the treatment is complete but overall you will not feel any pain. Lastly, a moisturizer will be applied to help nourish the skin. Because the passageways in the skin are open, the nourishing moisturizer is delivered deep into the dermis.

RevitaPen helps patients achieve clearer and smoother looking skin, successfully shrinks large pores and lightens acne scars while helping their skin look more firm. For visible results and beautiful skin, this is a treatment definitely worth considering.

If you’d like to feel better overall, Dronyk Health Clinic in Kitchener can help. Whether you are interested in acupuncture, need a chiropractor or wish to work with a naturopath, we can help, so give us a call today!

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