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What is Total Body Modification

Created by Dr. Victor L. Frank, Total Body Modification is an extensive system of healing that restores your body’s self-regulation, which allows a great healing capacity through your autonomic nervous system. First taught in 1978, Total Body Modification restores the global energetic harmony and function specific to your body. This process results in significant changes in your overall health patterns.

In the world we live in today, we are constantly exposed to pollution in our environment as well as inflammation that may come from poor food choices which can result in increased health risks. Using Total Body Modification can help to mitigate the effects that the environment and inflammation are having on human beings. These pollutions and irritants cause impairments and structural imbalances in our bodies. Total Body Modification uses a combination of testing systems, specific points, and organs to correct those ailments.

How Total Body Modification Works

Total Body Modification is a form of therapy that corrects functional physiological malfunctions. These malfunctions occur when your body is experiencing signs or symptoms and alerts you that something isn’t going right within your body.

If you went to a lab to get tested for a loss of function, the loss needs to be at least 40%. For example, if you felt you were having problems with your liver, it would need to be affected at least 40% for it to show up positive on the lab test. If you were to have a Total Body Modification treatment, it can detect a malfunction or loss of 1-2% of the affected organ. Total Body Modification is a great way of tapping into your body’s internal computer system to check to see if you have anything else wrong with your body.

How Total Body Modification Taps into Your Body

Your body’s biological electrical system (or your internal computer system), has been believed to control all of your body’s functions. With Total Body Modification, it can be used to find certain reflex points and muscles, with that your system can be tested to search for diseases, organ body points, and other functioning systems. You can restore your body to its optimal functioning state by realigning structural and soft tissue through Total Body Modification.

How Does a Doctor Perform Total Body Modification

Through various combinations of muscle testing and touching specific points on your body, the Doctor will help reprogram your body’s biological system. From there they can make corrections through your spine at specific levels.

When you get a Total Body Modification procedure, the Doctor will help refocus your body’s inner bio-computer, which in turn will rebalance your body’s healing properties, moving your body to a more balanced and healthy state.

Everything on earth has a vibrational electromagnetic frequency, whether it’s living or not. This includes everything inside your body, like organs or diseases. With Total Body Modification, it looks for energy imbalances in specific parts of your body, and it will help restore any imbalances found in your body’s energy system.


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