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How Acupuncture Can Be Beneficial During Pregnancy

Acupuncture has been used for many years to help with pregnancy-related symptoms.  Precautions do need to be taken during this time in a woman’s life as there are certain points that are contraindicated in pregnancy.  Hence seeing a practitioner with proper training is essential. Read on to see what types of symptoms acupuncture can help with during pregnancy.

Morning Sickness

About 75% of women will experience morning sickness sometime during their pregnancy. Morning sickness can be managed with traditional acupuncture practices. Specifically targeting the inner wrists on a point called pericardium 6 has been shown to reduce nausea and vomiting that comes with morning sickness.

Pelvic and Lower Back Pain

As the uterus expands, most pregnant women experience back and pelvic pain at some point during the pregnancy. As acupuncture is capable of treating non-pregnancy induced back and pelvic pain, it can also help to improve similar pain for pregnant women.


As one of the most common pregnancy symptoms among women, headaches can happen any time while you are pregnant. Headaches during pregnancy are caused by both an increase in blood volume as well as hormone eruption. Acupuncture can help to relieve this symptom during your pregnancy.


Another common symptom of pregnancy is depression, affecting almost one in every four pregnant women. Acupuncture has been shown to help ease this issue.  It also provides a space for relaxation to occur. Some acupuncture points that would be selected to help with this issue will calm the mind and help with stress. 

Trouble Sleeping

One of the more difficult things to achieve while pregnant is getting a comfortable and good night’s sleep. Whether you’ve just fallen asleep only to be woken up a few hours later or having issues falling asleep at all, this can be a frustrating issue. While there are many natural remedies out there to improve sleep, acupuncture has been shown to help pregnant women sleep better through the night.


Often in combination with acupuncture, are remedies to help with the above pregnancy-related symptoms.  Pregnancy can be a confusing time to know what is safe to take and what you need to avoid, we are here to answer all of your pregnancy-related questions.


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